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BMX Racing

BMX racing is a type of cycling sport which takes place on 'off-road' tracks. The sport has its origins in motocross racing however it has now been established as a popular form of cycling in its own right. A BMX racing track is usually about 15 feet in width and consists of winding dirt paths with steep inclinations and drops, which allow the racers to perform impressively high jumps on their bikes.

BMX bikes tend to be significantly more durable than their on-road counterparts. These bikes are designed to be able to withstand high speeds, uneven surfaces and high impact landings after a jump. Although BMX bikes are exceptionally robust, they are also incredibly lightweight in comparison to other types of bikes, allowing for faster speeds and higher jumps.

Many people love to take part in amateur BMX races, and these can be a fantastic day out for family and friends. A lot of towns and cities have their own BMX racing clubs which people can join. Joining one of these clubs is a great way to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of races and amateur competitions, if you're just starting out with this hobby. If you have yet to buy a BMX bike, but are considering doing so, they it's a good idea to head along to a BMX racing event as a spectator, to get an idea of what is involved and whether the sport will appeal to you.

For those who are beginning to take an interest in racing, there's no need to buy a very expensive BMX bike. A cheaper one will allow you to get used to the handling and find out if you really enjoy this kind of activity. Make sure that you are committed to the sport before you make a bigger investment in a pricier model. There are plenty of second-hand bikes to be found; just check your local ad paper or bike shop. Once you have found a suitable bike, make sure to check the tyres, gears, brakes and chain for general wear and tear, and replace any parts which appear to be damaged. Aside from the bike itself, those who want to enter amateur BMX races will need to get a helmet (preferably a full-face one) as well as a mouth guard. This sport is a lot of fun, but the falls which occur during a race can cause injury, so it's best to be prepared.

During the first couple of races, make sure to take it slowly, until you get to grips with the skills required for safely rounding corners and handling inclinations on the track. Try not to concern yourself with coming in first place, at least until you learn all of the necessary techniques. BMX racing is a great hobby but it will take time to become highly skilled. The key is to practice consistently and take part in as many races as possible. Don't forget to invite your family and friends to the races, to cheer you on as you cross the finish line!

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Broken Spoke Ride Shop is a strong supporter of the local BMX Racing scene and Duke City BMX.

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